WMF International Roadshow - Albania

March 15th 2023 | Maritim Hotel Plaza, Tirana

The WMF International Roadshow lands in Albania!

WMF - one of the Largest Digital Innovation Festival in Europe - organizes the biggest international Startup Competition and several educational and entertaining events that attract participants, creative thinkers, corporates, NPOs, leading players and innovators from all over the world. Next edition of the WMF will be held in Bologna on June 13 - 15th 2024.

To further promote cooperation, spread digital innovative culture, boost entrepreneurship, and enhance the creation of a worldwide innovation ecosystem, WMF has designed the International Roadshow - a project composed by satellite events that aim at creating an international network where idea-sharing and cooperation merge together to find cutting-edge solutions to global issues. 

In this framework Tirana, Albania, will host for the first time a WMF International Roadshow event, created in collaboration with Albania Economia magazine, Moneys Magazine (Moneys Media Group Ltd) and The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Albania - CCIA. The local event has ben hold on March 15th, 2023 at the Maritim Hotel Plaza in Tirana.

Training sessions, a startup competition, artistic performances and live shows has been featured in an event that addressed major topics of the digital spectrum as well as societal needs and global goals. 

15 March
10:00 - 10:35
Welcome & Opening Remarks
Edona Bilali
Minister of State for the Protection of Entrepreneurship
Luigi Mattirolo
Vice Italian Ambassador to Albania
Erion Veliaj
Major of Tirana
Cosmano Lombardo
Chairman WMF, Founder e CEO Search On
Antonio Nidoli
President CCIA
10:35 - 11:45
Part 1
Gianluca Berghella
CEO Armundia Group
Tonucci & Partners
AnaMaria Meshkurti
Head of Marketing at Fongit Geneve
Stefano Nkazi
Head of Marketing Ecosystem and Operation at Huawei
Pitch Session 1
Startup Competition
11:45 - 13:15
Part 2
Cristian Secci
Luca Busi
President of Coca-Cola Bottling Shqipëria and Uji Ftohte Tepelene
Drazen Simicevic
Vienna Business Agency
Antonio Baccari
Feel Venture VC London
Pitch Session 2
Startup Competition
Round Table
Antonio Baccari, AnaMaria Meshkurti, Giancarlo Vergine, Patrik Fetahaj, Giuseppe Oppedisano
15:00 - 15:20
Part 3
Shqipe Berisha
General Manager at TUMO Tirana
Giancarlo Vergine
GIZ Albania
Patrik Fetahaj Advisor for EU4Innovation Project
15:20 - 15:30
Startup Awards & Concluding Remark

Local and international partners of the event

The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Albania - CCIA has been operating on the Albanian territory since 1996. Since January 2011, pursuant to Law no. 518 of 1 July 1970, was recognized by the Italian Government as the Italian Chamber of Commerce Abroad. (Albania). The CCIA is part of the "Italian System" coordinated by the Italian Embassy in Tirana. 

Mission: The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Albania - CCIA is a non-profit organization whose objective is the protection, promotion, development, internationalization of companies and the creation of a favorable climate to Italian business, in order to increase the economic-commercial exchanges between the two countries "Italy - Albania", as well as the attraction of Italian investments in Albania. The role of the CCIA is to be an effective partner and intermediary between the central and local governments and Italian entrepreneurship in Albania. 

The CCIA is part of ASSOCAMERESTERO (the Association of Italian Chambers of Commerce Abroad).

ALBANIA ECONOMY is an editorial project cross-platform online on albaniaeconomia.com on the page in facebook, instagram, LinkedIn and in paper format. Albania Economia Magazine was born in 2019.

Albania Economia - first product of the Money Media Ltd, Tirana - is an editorial project born in 2019 and including a bimonthly printed magazine, a web portal (albaniaeconomia.com) and related social pages (Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin). In a short time, our covers had as special guests personalities from the largest companies in Albania and influential government figures. Defined by many as “the most relevant business magazine in Albania” so much so that it has a network of +1400 contacts among the most influential interlocutors of national and international business.

The MONEYS MAGAZINE is more than a premier business title: we inspire and promote excellence within the business world. We are a source of inspiration and motivation for the world’s most successful leaders, startups, investors and entrepreneurs who generate conversations that lead to innovation.

Our ability to create communities at scale is unique in the industry, and we bring those communities to life across all of our platforms and, especially, with incubators and accelerator partners.

Distributed throughout the world, Moneys Magazine covers themes on Business, Innovation, Technology, Finance but is mainly focused on the personal storytelling of some of the worlds most influential CEOs, startups and Investors, writing about the

humanistic aspect of their success.


“We create opportunities and long-lasting business relationships between the members of our network”


It is our mission to help amplify the ideas of those entrepreneurs and executives whose visions, big or small, will lead to a better, brighter future for society.

To be part of this network means to share our goal: witch is to create value and strategic relations through meaningful interaction and communication with entrepreneurs and investors who have the same interest.

WMF International Roadshow

Albania | Tirana

MARCH 27th 2024
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